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The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your Dream Home: Important Things to Consider

The Most Important Factors to Keep in mind When Buying Your Dream Home 

Before going into this straight away, take a pause, you’re here reading about the crucial factors while buying a home that means you’re either going to buy your dream house very soon or you’re giving it a serious thought. First and foremost congratulations and we are here to help you, for personal recommendations and guidance email us at and call us at +919505400400. We’d love to help you out. 

Let’s come back to elephant in the room, So, what are the most important factors that you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a house:

1. Understanding your requirements, needs and wants 

Sit down, take a paper or a document and name it, My Dream Home and answer the following questions ( just trying to make it easy for you) 

  1. Type of home: In what type of setting do you want to be in ( A gated community villa, apartment, studio or normal apartment, it might also be an individual home) 
  2. Place: In which city you want to stay 
  3. List of features: Write down all the amenities you’d love to have in your dream home
  4. Proximity check: Write down the maximum distance that you are willing to travel from your dream home to school, your office, highways, hospitals, groceries and shopping malls (if you have something else which is important include that too in the list) 
  5. Nature: How you want your environment to be
  6. Dimensions: Lot size and no.of.rooms
  7. Price range: Your budget, lower limit and upper limit

 Once you have these written on paper, it is your roadmap to your dream home, it’ll make every step a lot easier. 

2. Scouting 

Through the internet, people who are active in housing real estate get to know about the best projects and construction firms that are in the city you are looking for. 

List out all the projects and builders that suit your needs and make a shortlist of them. Do your research on each of them before finalising, for example bhavani properties in nellore is known for its quality and excellence. Its reputation precedes its name, word of mouth says it all. So look for projects and builders who have a track record. 

3. Visit 

Visit all the places that you have shortlisted, if you find some new projects while are on field scouting write them down and visit them at your convenience, compare 

Comparative analysis of all the homes you visited includes:

  1. Desire Metre index (DMI): Take the document which you have written earlier i.e. your roadmap and check how many boxes are getting checked, the more the number is the more the DMI will be 
  2. Compare neighbourhoods and locale 
  3. Check for crime & safety records in every area
  4. Commision and the paperwork involved in each project
  5. The age and quality of the property/project 
  6. Compromises that your willing to bear for each project 
  7. Down-payments and loan options that are provided 
  8. Move-in periods of each project

Having all these in hand, You can pretty much narrow down your list to less than a few homes. Re-visit and do the whole process again while also seeking advice from others until you boil down to one option

4. Finalise

  1. The last step is where all the paperwork comes in, before signing-off any document consult for legal advice and check if the project has all the official approvals.  
  2. Get familiar with the process, from liking a home and actually moving into it 
  3. The Appellate Tribunal 
  4. Possession letter
  5. Making final payment


Buying a dream house could be more overwhelming than what you’ve imagined, this framework can make it a bit easier to do so. Always remember you are not alone, get as much information and help as you can in this matter and we are here to help you. Closing thoughts on this are, Don’t just buy a home, buy the lifestyle that you deserve.